Progetti H2020

Digital Mythology and Arabic Literature: A Digital Archive to Study the Dynamics of the Reception of Greek Myths in Modern Arabic Literature

POSTURE. Posture and bodily movements in the Bible and biblical religions

MARIE CURIE 2021 – Project OPANDA. Opera Fandom in the Digital Age.Researcher: Dr Nicolò Palazzetti; Supervisor: Prof. Emanuele Senici; Co-Supervisor: Prof. Romana Andò.

MARIE CURIE 2021 – Project ROMAVANTGARDE. The Musical Avant-Garde in Rome in the 1960s: Actors and Networks in Music History. Researcher: Dr Christophe Levaux; Supervisor: Prof. Emanuele Senici.

MARIE CURIE 2020 - Project Transect. Transnational Maghreb and the International prize for Arabic Fiction: Pluralism, Inclusiveness, and Peaceful Coexistence in the Contemporary Maghrebi Novel

MARIE CURIE 2020 - Project RITMO. The place-making function of ritual movement in Roman religion

MARIE CURIE 2019 – Project “NEGOTIA – Negotiating Religion: Coptic Orthodox diaspora communities. Shifting identities, needs, and relations from Egypt to Europe and back” (Researcher: Angela Bernardo) (Supervisor: Alessandro Saggioro) from 01/07/2020 to 30/06/2023 – € 202.749,12

MARIE CURIE 2019 - THETRANCE - Transnational Healing: Therapeutic Trajectories in Spiritual Trance (Resp. E. Pierini) dal 01/07/2020 al 30/06/2023

MARIE CURIE 2019 - Progetto RELCAPETOWN (Carmelo RUSSO) (Resp. L. Faranda) dal 01/06/2020 al 31/05/2023 - € 212.433,60

MARIE CURIE 2017 - Progetto BorGal (FEDERICA FAVINO) (Resp. R. AGO) dal 01/07/2018 al 31/12/2023 - € 262.269,00

MARIE CURIE  2017 - Progetto OROARAB  (Marco DI BRANCO)  (Resp. G. Lettieri) dal  01/09/2018 al 31/08/2023 - € 247.761,00

Up2U (Stefano LARICCIA, FABIO GRASSO) dal 01/01/2017 al 31/12/2019 - €348.500,00

ERC Advanced Grant 2017 “NOTAE - NOT A writtEn word but graphic symbols. NOTAE: An evidence-based reconstruction of another written world in pragmatic literacy from Late Antiquity to early medieval Europe” (ANTONELLA GHIGNOLI) dal 1/07/2018 al 30/06/2023 - €1.479.625,00

ERC Advanced Grant 2015 "PAThs - Tracking Papyrus and Parchment Paths: an Archaeological Atlas of Coptic Literature. Literary Texts in their Geographical Context.
Production, Copying, Usage, Dissemination and Storage" (Paola Buzi) dal 19/04/2016 al 31/10/2021 - € 2.192.507,00

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