Field trips in Turkey

Present-day Turkey corresponds for the most part with the heart of the Byzantine Empire including its capital city, Constantinople, and was therefore the target of several field trips and surveys organized by the chairs of Medieval and Byzantine art history at Sapienza. Selected regions of the country were explored over many years and with different operating methods. In order to gain more in-depth knowledge of each region, as well as to verify research results, most regions were visited more than once.

Although the materials on Turkey preserved at the CDSAB constitute a complete archival series (the most substantial of the entire archive), here, this series has been more conveniently divided into different units, based on the research projects carried out since 1972 for each region and site:

Istanbul (since 1972)
Bithynia/Ionia/Phrygia/Pisidia (since 1972)
Lycia (since 1975)
Mesopotamia and Tur ‘Abdin (since 1983)
Cilicia and Isauria (since 1989)

For eastern Turkey (regions of Lake Van, Kars, and Ani) see the section on Armenia.

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