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HISTORY ANTHROPOLOGY RELIGIONS ART HISTORY, MEDIA AND PERFORMING ARTS was established on 1 November 2018 with the merger of the Departments of History, Culture, Religions and History of Art and Entertainment. This fusion, which took place within the framework of the University's restructuring, gave rise to a broad and articulated scientific and didactic unit in the field of the humanistic and social disciplines, from the Middle Ages to the Contemporary Age: History, Anthropology, Religions, Art History , Entertainment, History of Writing and Book, History of Christianity, Egyptology, Ancient Languages ​​and Literatures (such as Coptic and Syriac), History of Eastern Europe, Enhancement and Conservation of Cultural Heritage, but also Studies and Research on Cultures of fashion, the history of cinema, the media. This broad convergence has as its common basis the study of documents and sources (written, visual, monumental, material, oral and media, landscape), historical investigation, philology and interdisciplinarity. Qualifying elements in the training and research activities carried out in the Department are the geographical-territorial breadth (Italy, Europe, the Mediterranean, the East and the Americas), the intercultural perspective and the use of innovative scientific and technical instruments, also in connection with ERC and Marie Skłodowska-Curie Fellowships projects.

The Department includes ninety professors including professors and researchers based in highly interrelated scientific-disciplinary sectors, from Medieval history and Paleography to modern and contemporary history, from ethno-anthropological and historical-religious studies to Christian and Latin-medieval literature, from the History of Medieval, Modern and Contemporary Art to Museology and Art Criticism and Restoration, from Museum and Territory Education to the Management of Cultural Heritage, from the History of Theater, Cinema, Music to Media Studies.

In addition to eleven Degree and Master's Degree courses, the Specialization Schools in Historical-artistic Heritage and Demo-ethno-anthropological Heritage belong to the Department; PhDs in History, Anthropology, Religions, in the History of Europe, in the History of Art, in Music and Entertainment; several first and second level Masters and Higher Education Courses, all sharing a cutting edge that is attentive to innovation and international openness through the exchange of teachers and students.
The didactic and departmental research activity makes use of the aid of structures such as the MLAC-Museo Laboratorio di Arte Contemporanea, the Archive of Lionello Venturi, the Historical Photographic Archive, the CDSAB-Documentation Center for History of Byzantine Art , the Gerardo Guerrieri Archive; as well as the scientific Editorial Offices of the international journals of the University "Studies and Materials of the History of Religions", "Medieval Art", "Studies on the Roman Eighteenth Century", "Theatrical Library", "IMAGO. Cinema and media studies "

In the belief that the humanities are able to have a profound impact on the social life and cultural identity of the Sapienza area, the Department promotes the cultural initiatives of the "third mission" (teaching and dissemination activities on the artistic heritage and historical and literary, festivals, shows, exhibitions and conferences) in collaboration with institutions and institutions of Rome and Lazio.

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